On Being A Yes Mama

I’m a Yes Mama. I love saying yes to my kids. It’s one of my greatest delights. Let’s face it, kids have so little control of their lives and all too often there isn’t space in our family schedule of school/errands/activities/dinner/repeat to open doors for variance or hair-brain ideas. I’m a big fan of hair-brain ideas.

Yes. The most powerful word I have for my kids. Yes! Wrap is up in exclamations and smiles and throw a rodeo arm up as it flaps and flies you to unknown lands with your littles leading the way.

Quantifiers, qualifiers, disclaimers; saying yes doesn’t mean being permissive or rolling in excessive selfishness. It has been noted that I have the world’s lowest BS-o-meter in relationships with others which presents itself in a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cases of gimme-gimmies with my kids. There is goodness and benefit to saying no. But right now we’re talking about saying yes.

I live for saying yes. They bring their ideas to me hopeful, expectant. One hundred percent of the time these thoughts are packed in inconvenience and inefficiency. And yet? Worth it. Every time worth the opportunity to let them grow. Every time saying yes digs up treasures otherwise left fallow.

Here’s the shape sorter: Does it create connection? Does it connect creativity? That’s it. If they bring an idea that links relationships, I’m in. If it fans the flames of inspiration and art, we’re doing it. As often as possible.

Because of “yes” we have: sprinkled toes spontaneous and sandy at the bay, enjoyed burnt toast topped with banana and bell pepper followed with Pediasure chasers for dinner, stocked the car with chenille handled homeless snack packs, unceremoniously painted walls of our home, and hosted neighborhood stuffed animal birthday parties to name just a few.

Really, it’s less about the activity and more about what it creates. A safe practice ground for kids to explore God’s heart, a parametered space to get to know their own,  and to recognize what sparks the pitter patter of joy or gratitude or lightness of being within it.

Yes bonds over unexpected adventures and giggles. It is extravagant love expressed in actions kids can understand. Yes is a memory maker.

I want to be a Yes Mama.





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