Back To School Rally for Parents

School is starting up again and mamas everywhere are gulping air & watching their hearts march away inside embroidered “small” sized backpacks large enough to engulf our children head to calf. Notes drawn in lunch boxes and family mantras written in invisible ink on their souls. I have a friend who wrote UBU on the wrist of her kindergartener as a reminder to be your own wild and precious self when unsure of what to do in the midst of all these strangers. Beautiful.


This is not a back to school post about our kids though. (That’s to come.)

This, is about us.


I dare claim class mixers and first days and Open House nights are as scary and as needed for us parents as they are for our children. We’re showing up with our casseroles to parent potluck and our pencil wreaths to first day hoping no one notices our uncertainty in our coffee at the parent mingle. Okay, you’re showing up with casseroles and first day gift baskets, I’m lucky if I make it to the party, but the playing ground on the playground is  the same for us.


Whether it’s a new school, new teacher, new grade, nothing new at all, we are required to enter bravely. To honor ourself by openly showing who we are. To honor others by allowing them to be themselves. Remembering that we are sacred and that kindness has always been the best kind of cool. 

I don’t have this down yet. Mostly I write to remind myself; to cheer you and me on. We show our littles how to do it by doing it ourselves first. A bag full of hopes moving one foot at a time down those halls. You just be you. It’ll all shake out.



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