Guest Post & Going The Full Monty!

You guys! I can share one of my secrets with you today! I have a guest post up over at Leeana Tankersley’s blog. She’s an author and a key dropper, encouraging us all to unlock ourselves from our own prisons. Plus, she can rock the boho-chic or the long and lean tank with equal etherealness.

When she asked me to guest-post I kind of freaked out a little bit because she’s like, um, an actual writer. I felt 16 all over again; awkward and shy and hopeful that the hunky guy was looking my way. So I wrote something that was awful and not at all what I was actually wanting to say. And then I wrote something that was honest and in a million chunky thoughts that never melded together and I ostriched under the afghan as my husband read it. Then, after he coaxed me out of hiding I did the excruciating writer’s process of writing what I actually did want to say and make it make sense to people who don’t traverse these scary synapsed highways of my brain.

I felt awesome about it for a few days and then last night I almost flagged Leeana down and told her to call the whole thing off because going “the fully monty” with emotions is scary business. Thank you for the huge support already today for making being honest not feel so naked.

If you haven’t read it yet, check it out at . 


Proof of parenting growth. Found MARKER on our legit 1960’s couch and only gave a hug, stern talking, and threat of no markers ever again until highschool. Ug!


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