Let’s Tessellate!

I faced a big scary last week! I got all four of my wisdom teeth out. Ten years too late and not a moment too soon. Which is a big deal because it means we spent time and money on just me and even had time and money to spend on me. It’s also a big deal because my mouth can’t be trusted to not embarrass myself on a regular day so all bets were off with it under narcotics and the cutest doctor in town. The good news is if I was ridiculous, the office staff were all professional enough to let what happens in room eight stay in room eight. According to Nate my only codeine-inspired moment was the over-waving, over-cheering, Hercules clapping I did for Jamba Juice as we stopped on the way home. Although let’s face it, that’s nothing Jamba hasn’t seen from me before.

I process best through creativity plus I’m also a little impulsive. So although I was heading in for minor surgery last Monday, I needed to paint an accent wall in my daughters’ shared bedroom two days before. I love the idea of small equilateral triangles, but I know I’m not patient enough for the mathematical meticulousness that requires. I AM however just type-a enough that the mistakes would scrape my eyeballs.

So we went with triangles. All sizes, all kinds.

Step 1: Paint the entire wall white. I actually used ceiling primer because that’s the white paint we had in the garage and we’re all for starting projects without actually going to the hardware store around here. White now gets to be the negative space between triangles.

Step 2: Tape Triangles. If you remember fourth grade math, triangles tesselate so it’s not hard to fill an area with them. I started in the center with a few shapes and sizes that I liked then worked in sort of a spiral motion around, trying to balance the “weight” of large and small triangles.


Step 3: Paint! Eventually the girls’ room will be predominately teal and purple so I threw a few varieties of purple plus a teal, along with the six year old crowd pleaser of melon-y pink, hot pink, and shimmery light pink in a mix of interior paint samples I already had and small acrylic bottles from the craft store. Plus a metallic gold because I like it. If you have four or more colors there’s no need to get scientific about which goes where, you’ll easily be able to splash them up without fear you’ll be left with two of the same color next to each other. My husband informed me that left brained people call this “map theorem”. I called this “using lots of colors”. However, map theorem never had an 8yr old, 6yr old, 4yr old, and 22 month old “helping”.

Step 4: Peel Away! (And touchup, but this is truly optional)

Before (I ALWAYS forget to take a true “before” picture until I’m elbows deep into a project.)IMG_7434



Facing a new scary this week, but it’s still a secret so I can’t quite share with you yet. But if I’m lucky it might just catalyst some crafty-ness!




2 thoughts on “Let’s Tessellate!

    • Thank you, Marley! Isn’t it so much fun to create imaginative, inspiring places for our kids?! And you might appreciate that our current “problem” in that room is book storage!


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