Big Event Highlights

Good. Well. Truly, things are good. You ask me how things are going and even though I’m 31years old, I realize I have no idea how to answer that question in a way that honors the level of our friendship, fits the time limit of conversation, and remains truthful without being aggressively emotional. Here’s my quasi-best to recap what’s been happening here at the house of Leboffe during such a long cyber-silence.





Time is a tricky, shape-shifter of a character. Some days I’m running (late of course) from one event to the next and I wonder why I feel frantic and why I’m driving pitched slightly over the steering wheel. Other days, it feels like I’m waiting it out. Playing a game of chicken with the clock until I can hit the post-child -bedtime -“productive hours” to get something, anything done that I can measure with hard proof, tactile standards. Achievement standards. This business of character development is just so slow, it’s nice to see immediate reward every once in a while. Something to show for it!

Five months away from blogging means a lot of life has happened. The absence wasn’t any sort of cyber sabbatical or spiritual retreat. Simply, this has been a time of circling in, hacking unceremoniously at the responsibilities list, and ever so timidly, ever so uncomfortably and tormentedly, saying no.

Here’s an attempt at the highlight reel recap of major events in our family this summer and fall. In no particular order, except pseudo-chronologically:

1. No more pediatric cardiologists! Remember Josiah’s weirdly shaped heart? He’s still got it, but it works great. This is his last echo before getting the all-clear from his cardiologist that we never have to come back! No death. No surgery. No medication. Inside I say a renewed prayer of thanks every time I hold this hug-monster.

2013-05-28 10.10.30

2. Nate and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary with dinner and cliffs and a day paddle boarding through the bay.

IMG_20130614_0623432013-07-31 18.07.24On your 8th anniversary you’ve been married long enough to perform what I like to call a public “pick-up-the-phone”. We were actually having a very serious, heavy, and frustrating conversation when a helpful tourist insisted that she take a picture of the two of us together. So we gave her our camera, smiled, then went back to said serious discussion. But we are both thankful to be in the safety of a love where we can say the hard things and bravely share where our deep hurts are.

3. Selah Grace started kindergarten! We were approximately number 8,001 in the lottery on our charter of choice, so we went with our local public school. There might be another post sometime on why on earth we would choose to put our kids in public education in southern california. Now is not that time. Just know that Nate and I both have belief in our top strengths themes and we each believe that this is the best choice for our family. Maybe not all families. Maybe not yours. But for ours.


First day of kindergarten. Rockin’ the headband. Rockin’ the neon.


In her classroom. Since this picture, she’s gotten a new table mate because the last little boy couldn’t stop touching her hair. But who can blame him?

4. Teagan’s 1st Birthday! Teagan Elyse turned one. We pulled the third time parents card. Instead of having a party, we did what we actually wanted to do. We went beach camping over Teagan’s birthday weekend and begged invited our best-ies to come. There was no mountain of gifts or party hats, but there was time and for once, it was on our side. There was beach. There was sun. There were friends who are our created family. If that doesn’t properly rejoice in a year of living, I don’t know what does.


On her actual birthday we woke her up from a looooong, late afternoon nap. Let her destory a cupcake and yawn through some pictures, then tossed her back in bed. It’s good to be one!


Here’s the cool thing. Selah and I clearly will never get tired of doing pictures like this. Nate will always think it is ridiculous and unnecessary and over the top. But he will never be embarrassed of us and he will always participate! Even if his lack of enthusiasm is clear in those lack-luster jazz hands!



 There is more. So much more. These are the big events. The for-now blog post events. The it’s-good-to-be-back post.

3 thoughts on “Big Event Highlights

  1. Your heart and your honesty challenge me every time. You two are amazing parents, amazing humans. What an encouragement. Love love love hearing your heart. Love you guys, am so proud of who you are.

  2. Glad you’re back! I love reading your writing!!! Happy anniversary, Happy Birthday Teagan, congrats on Kindergarten Selah, congratulations on a PERFECT heart Josiah (which everyone already knew he had), and good job Jenny and Nate for being awesome, loving parents through the chaos of life! Miss you guys!!

  3. Love this (and you, even more) so much! Am happy to get to follow you on social media and when life slows down, would love to have a Dixie Chicks concert DVD watching date! I can bring it and me and perhaps cupcakes and wine?

    Your honesty (and humor) is truly something I appreciate so much and makes me feel a little less panicked at the idea of becoming a mom myself. Thanks, friend!

    Glad you all had some sweet family memories together 🙂


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