Undoing the Pause Button

I was going to say that I owe this to you. And I do. But I also owe it to myself.

Like most things, it’s hard to climb the mental mountains of insecurity and bad habits in order to restart something you haven’t done in a while. Here we are again.

Have five months gone by since we left off? Here’s what’s happened.

We got the house. It was a fight, but we have a home. To live, and sprawl and grow in. One to fill with squabbles, and reconciliations, and friends. A home to layer with the scents of dirt trekked in from the backyard, lavender dish soap, and a remembrance of sautéed garlic.

We lost a few months as a family while in limbo between selling our first home and moving into this one. Basic daily life actions like eating dinner and bathing made sporadic look downright routine!

We don’t remember a whole lot during the in-between time. Without our usual flow to life beating out a metronome to our days, Nate and I are left with a bit of a gap of lost time. It is not bad time, just a paused season of life. But we do have pictures to remind us of the way Selah Grace looked when she was proud of herself to be old enough to hold baby sister all on her own. Pictures that show us the progression of Teagan processing her world, and the way Josiah’s face softens with sleepy, loving eyes.

We’re here and we owe it to ourselves to live again. To make the mundane meaningful again. To share it with you honestly in this space. To hit unpause.

And I KNOW you want house before and afters. Trust me, they’ll come. Tonight was about starting again.

Thank God for pictures to help us tired mamas either remember, or sometimes see for the first time, what beautiful moments did happen in days that are blurred together.

IMG_2316IMG_2579 IMG_2088IMG_2411 2013-02-03 15.19.422013-04-29 16.41.012013-02-08 17.18.36 2013-02-09 16.37.37 2013-03-12 17.33.24 2013-03-31 10.35.08 2013-04-04 12.18.12

1 thought on “Undoing the Pause Button

  1. glad to see you back Jenny! I love reading about your sweet family and seeing pictures. You are such a great writer! Can’t wait to see house pictures!


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