Slivers of Silver

Here’s what we know:

The seller didn’t sign the contract for a ten day extension on the close of escrow. But she didn’t call the whole thing off either….yet. So there’s still a sliver of hope if we can just get our loan finalized before the seller gives up.

An email to our loan officer this morning was returned with an out of office reply saying she will be out of the country until January 6th. Seething, Nate connected at length with her manager. It feels as though miscommunication, deceitfulness, and ineptitude abound.

But there’s a tiny sliver of hope. We are praying that the seller won’t give up on us and will just give us a little more time while we wait for people to do their jobs effectively.

We’re left leaning over this scary cliff of not knowing. But that’s better than it all being over just yet.

Tiny sliver of silver. Holding onto that.

2 thoughts on “Slivers of Silver

  1. We were in the exact same situation late last spring except, we were already living in “our” new house and had already spent thousands renovating “our” master bedroom. I feel your pain. One scripture got us through in the 11th hour. I pray you find comfort too. The Lord gives and he takes away, blessed be the Name of the Lord. Praying for you.


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