Finishing the Race



Today Teagan and I went to the grocery store by ourselves, which means I left self-control in the parking lot, which means I bought a bin of TJ’s dark chocolate pb cups, which means I ate A LOT of them, which means my brain is coming down to the bottom of the sugar slope and I’m out of words. Ere go, enjoy a hodge-podge of pictures from our past two weeks.

Teagan Elyse is now officially one month old. How does it go so fast? We are so curious to know what her personality is going to be and how she is going to change the dynamics of our family. Right now we’re enjoying that new baby stage when she’s all squishy and milky.




Little Mama burping Baby Sis. Selah Grace is at her best when she is caring for sister. She feels so special & it puts Teagan right to sleep!


Grandy did a lot of baby holding on her visit!


My mom came to visit and we enjoyed San Diego outings while house-selling projects like appraisals and buyer walk-thrus kept us in exile.

Birch Aquarium. Hours of marine exploration wonder for our little kids!

Enjoying watching the sea lions and crazy rough surf swimmers at La Jolla Cove.

Josiah pauses his seagull chasing to practice some Tai Chi under the trees.

Selah taking a rest in the park, being conscientious of the sunshine.

Nate, Teagan, and I went to Santa Barbara for a fabulous farm wedding of two beautiful friends. It was like walking into the middle of an Anthropologie magazine.

You know it’s a good party when there’s a bathtub of beer surrounded by flowers and twinkle lights. Oh, and a pony in the background.

This is Kjess. She was an insta-friend in 8th grade and has been a bosom-buddy ever since. She lives life out loud and I love it!

Wedding behind the scenes: One of the few days it rains in So Cal. Drop older kids off with Unkie. Drive through rain & LA traffic. Heavily consider feeding baby by dangling chest over car seat. Pitstop for lunch at a Panera. Discover it is just being built & not open for business. Keep driving. Try again for lunch. Change into wedding clothes while driving. Roll in 5 minutes before scheduled to start. Walk in and pretend to be totally fresh. It was a beautiful wedding. We had a lovely time. Notice that getting fancy = adding eye liner to whatever I already have on.

We’re a baby-wearing family. I love having my babies snuggled close in the sling or ergo and can NOT abide schlepping the cumbersome car seat around. Selah has experienced and watched this now for other siblings. She enjoys being a babywearing mama herself. She slings up her own babies when we go on outings.

We were Yo Gabba Gabba this year. Nate organized the booth games sign-ups for our church’s giant halloween carnival we throw for the neighborhood. We all enjoyed ourselves. When you’re single your costumes are usually attractive. When you’re a parent you end up looking ridiculous all for the enjoyment of your kids. But I figure we have a very limited time before family-themed costumes become uncool with them.

See above caption about wearing super unattractive costumes b/c it makes your kids smile.

He wears his Plex hat everywhere and will only respond to “plex”. I hope this goes on for a while; it’s just too cute!

Tomorrow is my first Sunday back to work as the early childhood coordinator for our church. I’m still in stay-at-home mode! Wish me luck that my brain kicks in soon!

Friday escrow on the sale of our house closes. We move out and into the master bedroom of Nate’s mom’s home on Saturday. It feels weird to pack up and leave this house – more on that on the blog later in the week.

For now, we are processing; there’s little to say and lots of pictures from life happening so fast. Hope you enjoyed perusing pics and getting a glimpse into the crazy of the past few weeks.





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