Apple Picking Adventures!

“How’s the transition to three?”

“Awesome.” And that’s not sarcasm. We (I) feel like high-fiving with a wide-mouthed smile all the time because I am  shocked this is actually going so well. Yep, kind of like the picture below.

The transition from having no children to our first felt hard. The learning curve was steep and we had never had to function on so little sleep before in our lives. Sure, we pulled the occasional all-nighter in college, but it wasn’t the time/space continuum disorientation of having a new baby.

When we bumped up to two kids, I thought every once in a while that I might die. Yes, physically fall away because everything seemed really hard for a few weeks. And forget going anywhere because it took eons to get everyone dressed, fed, diaper changed, re-fed, re-diaper changed and into the car. Who needs milk or bread? We’ll just survive on tap water and tortilla chips, thank-you very much, because going to the store is not worth it!

Having this as the history, I was anticipating a nuclear family armageddon of sorts when the third baby came along. I am shocked beyond measure that the opposite is true. Maybe because we finally have a grip on this parenting thing (ha!). Or because our oldest is now four and our two year old is very joyful and easygoing. Or because Teagan is giving us glorious HOURS of sleep between night feedings. Maybe God saw our tether getting too tight and gave us some slack in the practical & helpful form of extra energy and an ability to load up the car in a timely manner. Whatever it is, our family is doing awesome right now. This is NOT what I thought was going to happen, but I will take it for however long it lasts!

Autumn is a favored season by many. Our Octobers include many of the hottest days of the year, but we still create our own autumn by doing celebratory seasonal things like apple-picking in Julian and wearing corduroy skinny’s. Pumpkin spice is in the scented wax warmer, and that helps too.

Here’s the photographic evidence that not only have we gone on mini Mecca’s to the source of household life, Target, we’ve also conquered great quests like day trips to the country for some hand-picked, pesticide-free produce. You’ve never eaten a pear until you’ve had one sun-warmed and ripe, twisted off the branch. 

Catch phrase, “boys will be boys.” Josiah’s favorite parts were the occasional dirt mounds and sticks…which he traded in for bigger sticks when discovered. 

This is our little friend, Noah. He has a quiet chivalry with Selah. He’s not really one for engaging in preschool banter with her or one for pictures together. But if you need a buddy to wield a stick at an apple too far out of reach, he’s your dude. Thanks, Noah, for knowing how to care for your ladies.

Josiah has a strong life-force in his bones. Lacking a healthy fear for physical limitations, this child is careening down the chaparral hill. The way this little one lives begs us to remember to simply enjoy the art of living.


Happy Fall Y’all!


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