Status Pending!

15 days on the market,

2 open houses,

20 realtor showings,

2 lookie-loo drop-ins,

415 remakings of the bed I had just made minutes before it was turned into a pretend parachuting pad,

248 lysol wipes chasing behind sticky toddler hands,

1 preschool-bombed unflushed toilet

and 1 newborn later…

…we are in escrow!

Our very first offer was a FULL price offer, very few contingencies, to someone with great financing. We are so thankful and are praying that we come through the other side of escrow with no hurdles or hiccups or being dealt any cards that make us return to Go!

Our buyer currently lives in the area of town where we’re looking to buy. He owns a few businesses in southern San Diego and wants a second home closer to them. Originally I had envisioned our home becoming a pocket of sanctuary to a new family, because the open concept floor plan and the layout of the bedrooms make this mid-century rancher a fantastic family home. A little part of me wants to wait for a family who really NEEDS this home. But just a little part. Somewhere there is a line where sacrificing to do what is best for a hypothetical other finds you in a land of not taking care of your own family. For our family, for our kids living and yet to come, for us, we are signing on the dotted line and praying like mad it all goes through!

I’m ready to transition into the next area of ambiguity that leads our family through the land of limbo toward what will be our new norm.

Tricky things about this process:

– Getting phone calls to show the house within an hour & getting all three kiddos in the car and us gone.

– Living in a home with small children that is supposed to be immaculate at all times and not feeling like a compulsively crazed cleaner-woman.

– Living lightly in a space. Trying to have this still be our home but not making a giant indentation in it. I liken it to the sweat of watching a movie while doing a wall-squat against the drywall instead of just flopping down on the couch and making a solid butt-print on the microfiber.

– Giving structure to our very routine-driven daughter. For the first time in my parenting I’m having moments when the two of us are caught in some sort of power struggle and I do not know how to back out of the stubbornness on both our parts, the emotion behind it, and respond in a guiding way instead of reacting. It’s been a little ugly. Be the thermostat, not the thermometer. Provide the same boundaries. Provide reassurance and love while she tests whether or not we still love her if there’s a new baby, if there’s a new house, if there’s no predictability to our daily routine. I know all this. It’s just hard to implement in real-time parenting.

Things that are making me happy this week


1. How incredibly kind and empathetic Josiah has been to Teagan joining our family. He loves her “strawberry” feet, constantly asks, “where my baby Teagan?” and cried each time he saw her umbilical cord stump before it fell off because he was sure it was the most painful owie in the history of owies.


2. Selah’s best moments this week are when she is big-sistering. She finds a vocal octave  in the highest heights to coo at little sister and tell her how beautiful and perfect and special she is. Praying this is the start of a beautiful sisterhood for them; one where Selah Grace can encourage and support Teagan as the big sister. 


3. Finally having a few days of “weather” to break up our uncomfortably hot days. Clouds. Rain. Chilly breezes. LOVED getting out the autumn-themed picture books, the pumpkin spice scented wax melts, and crocheted blankies.

4. Buying new non maternity clothes! Nothing says fall season like colored cords and an awesome cardi. Thanks Target. Also excited that the style these days are all clothes I swear I owned circa ’89-’93!


5. Last but not least – the newborn girl bow cap! Don’t these little blue and pink striped knit caps take you directly to the delivery ward? Teagan gained a pound this past week. The tiny-ness and newness that these hats symbolize is for a limited time only!


That’s what’s happening in the flurry of our chaos!

Apple picking adventure in the country tomorrow! Time to stop taking lazy, blurry pictures with my phone and bust out the real camera!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support for our family while we sell our house and begin the search for more of a “forever” home! And thank you for even more of your prayers and support while we wiggle ourselves into finding a fit for being a new family of five!



1 thought on “Status Pending!

  1. I love that your “maternity clothes” are half the size of my regular clothes. 🙂 You are so precious, and your family is awesome! Praying everything goes smoothly!


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