Introducing Teagan Elyse Leboffe


Born 2:30am, September 30th 2012

 7lbs 1oz; 21 inches

Round -Cheeked Perfection!

 Funny Moments:

1. When babes came into the world the doctor put her up on my chest, and looking at the little legs scrunched up and the belly-button/ambilical chord sticking out I mistook it all for little boy business and exclaimed, “it’s a boy!” which we all thought until fifteen minutes later when we repositioned babes and saw little girl bits and squealed, “no! it’s a girl! we have a girl!”

2. Selah Grace is a proud big sister! When she climbed into the bed with me though she looked between Teagan and my belly and curiously asked, “mama, why do you still look pregnant?” Because it takes time babe. Because it takes time!

3. Josiah loves baby sister’s feet. Loves touching them. Loves tickling them. Loves saying “ister Teagan toes have red feet!”

And now we are tired and are going to rest! Thank you everyone for your prayers and your excitement for our family!

4 thoughts on “Introducing Teagan Elyse Leboffe

  1. So very happy for all of you! What a beautiful addition to such a remarkable family. You are very blessed sweet ones. We will be praying for all of you. Love from us all, the james gang

  2. Looooooooove all this! Beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl, so happy for your 5, enjoy these precious moments!

  3. Congratulations to your family! She is just beautiful and I love her name! Such sweet pics :). Thinking of you during this special time.


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