I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends…

Give Of: To devote or contribute generously of; to give of oneself.

This was the to-do list. It was long and too much for us. We called in the troops.

Our church meets in a local high school and each semester we show up in droves to do dirty tasks like scrape gum off tables, constructive tasks like repair broken auditorium seats, and creative tasks like design and paint a new mural on their gym. We call it “Shine Day”.

In preparing to put our house on the market, Nate and I soon realized that we needed a “Shine Day” of our own. We have been packing and repairing things over the past month, but we needed a big final cleaning push before pictures were taken for the listings. Man, did our friends deliver!

Asking for help is hard. We do it awkwardly and with our shoulders slightly hunched with guilt. But we asked and bought the beer and the pizza and people came. Having friends come scrape and scrub your house feels a little bit like inviting someone to peek in your underwear drawer to assess the status of your delicates. A little humiliating. But we had to get over ourselves because we couldn’t do it alone.

And it is confirmed that our friends are amazing! A dear friend spent two hours scrubbing what I have dis-affectionately called , “the scary bathroom,” these past few years. AND she was happily singing better than Selena ever could while doing so! Another friend spent about three hours power washing the entire exterior or our house, including porch, patio, and deck. Mama & Daddy friends came with their kiddos and the little ones even helped in the action of digging weeds out of sidewalk cracks. Then others did meticulous detail work with tiny toothbrushes and paintbrushes and razor blades to scrape and clean and tidy tiny little details that Nate and I have no patience for. I love that everyone used their gifts to their own personality and just went to town cleaning for us.

A lot of people have walked through the front doors of our home these past four years. A lot of laughter. A lot of tough questions. A lot of friendship forming. As one friend shared as her newborn slept in our baby swing and as she was magic-erasering one of a bazillion little art galleries off Selah’s door, she has spent so much time in this home that she has become invested in this place. I like to imagine that all of that goodness has seeped into the walls of this home and is encasing us with a love and a positivity that will be passed on to the next home owners.

Our community of friends is pretty incredible. We are humbled and we are grateful! We could NOT have done this alone!

Today was the first day of our home being listed. We already had a number of viewings. Our goal is to show the home as needed Friday & Saturday, then allow our realtor to host an open house Sunday and receive all the offers we need as a result! Big prayers and crossed fingers for that!

Do you know how super calming and nice it feels to live in such a tidy house? Yes, the tricky part is going to be keeping it all clean and jumping in the car when agents call to come show it. We managed today! Now if I can only get the kiddos to stop unmaking the beds two minutes after I make them we’ll really be on a role!

Wish us luck!

1 thought on “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends…

  1. Oh so blessed, your lives are so very blessed because you all have poured yourselves into everyone around you. People love to give back to you, because you gave so openly first. I am proud of all your wonderful friends. You and Nate are rich indeed. I will be praying for a quick sale, a great price, and an amazing provision of a brand new Leboffe Home for all 5 of you! love you dearly, k and co. in houston


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