Stiiiiillllllll Pregnant

For those of you waiting for an update in status change, we are too! We are officially past our due date and leaving it in the distance! Here is what we’re hoping to be the last belly blast on the blog!

I REALLY, TRULY thought we would have this child in our arms over a week ago. Nate and I were in a stall position this past week. I kept putting off making dinner each evening, hoping that if I just waited 20 minutes contractions would start and I could just avoid cooking and cleaning the kitchen up again. I’m pretty sure Nate’s students think they’re going to roll the easy algebra life of nothing but worksheets since Nate prepped a whole week’s worth of easy sub plans that he ended up using himself.

Since Josiah was several days early, I assumed this babes would be too. Instead, Littlest-Leboffe-of-All is still snuggled all cozy in my impressively expansive womb. This has been a good reminder for me to not compare our children; that it’s impossible to even try! Although the genetics that formed Selah Grace, Josiah, and New Babes all came from the same place, their little God-gifted hearts and spirits are SO different! What a privilege it is to learn who they are, how they tick, and help them understand that as well – all while teaching them to be their best selves, loving members of our family, and globally aware citizens of life.

1. I just like this picture. 2. I think it sums up the story of how parenting each of our children is a completely different experience.

We want this child to come soon. I am totally impatient to meet this kid! And yes, I am very “over” being pregnant at this point and even ALMOST stayed home from church this morning so I didn’t have to answer everyone’s well-meaning comments about how we STILL don’t have a baby yet. Almost.

I’m praying this child comes on it’s own terms in the next few days before we have to start talking ugly words like “induction” or “castor oil”.

Until then I’ll be hanging out here, under the ceiling fan, hogging all the ice, and hoping for some discomfort to come my way! Here’s to hoping we have a baby soon!

********And here is a little photo update for what could possibly have been the most unsuccessful, impromptu, backyard pregnant photo shoot EVER!  *********************

The sun was in eyes instead of making magical backlight. Josiah was either kicking a beach ball shouting, “DRIBBLE!” or throwing gravel with an I-know-I’m-not-supposed-to-be-doing-this-smile. Selah, bless her heart, was actually trying to cooperate until she got bored waiting for the rest of us to get it right. Nate started zooming in on my bump(s). In the end we just let the kids play in the dirt behind us and started taking goofy self-portraits. Some serious digression from a lovely idea that didn’t actually work. But we can say that we made the effort!










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