Gluttons for Punishment

“Glutton for punishment, huh?”

That’s what the lady in line next to me at Ikea said after she gave me a s-l-o-w head-to-toe once over from my falling-down pony tail to my askew belly band not quite covering my 9 month baby belly to my pink Rainbows that used to have ankles above them. My right arm was accessorized with my four year old who was demanding more time playing in the Ikea mock children’s bedrooms while my left arm was caging the two year old I had just plucked tackled from the mountain peak of Swedish bathroom scales stacked next to the check-out aisle.

Two and a half hours later and a HEAVY bribe of ice cream cones, we were finally making our way out of the time/space vortex that is Ikea. It ended with a text to Nate to remind myself, “Don’t ever let me do this again!” Ikea is not for weekends! It should be reserved for free-breakfast-Mondays and kids-eat-free-Thursdays only.

I felt my cheeks tense upward into a smile for that lady, but I’m sure my eyes were daggers above. Time to fill my quiver with witty and wise comebacks for “those” type of comments surely to increase as we have three or more children – comments that reaffirm to my kiddos overhearing that they are a joy to us while simultaneously letting the speaker realize they’re being kinda rude!


We started this process quite a while ago; we swear! But sometimes life culminates all at once and things like this happen!

Baby Leboffe #3 is coming anytime between now and the 19th! That’s right! We’re two weeks and counting down! Meanwhile, we are hoping to list our home to sell within the month and find a new home in San Diego. Crazy? Crazy!

Yes, maybe we ARE gluttons for punishment, lady at Ikea.

Let’s remember the unusable state of the master bath before. Yikes.

Yikes and I’m NOT going in there!


Goodbye scary death mildew! Hello clean, bright, and beautiful!

New studs, new dry wall, new tile, new paint, new toilet, new shower, new vanity.

Nate is knocking out projects like finishing the bathroom remodel, fixing home repairs to get us top dollar, and coaxing our Boo Radley front yard to make its weeds and dirt look a little more respectable. I’m attempting to use any “nesting” energy into packing up half of what we own, taking loads to Goodwill, selling un-needed items on Craigslist, and meticulously organizing closets and cupboards. That has proven to be a little tricky since things only get done between the hours of 8pm and midnight and my nesting instincts by that time of day seem to mostly revolve around feeling an insane need to burrow into a corner of the couch, eat an unbelievably tall stack of Oreos with milk, and watch episodes of The Glee Project.

We understand that the timing of all this is not ideal. We even had a moment where we sat down across from eachother at the table, looked one another in the eye, and asked, “Are we insane? Is this too much for our family? Is there a better time?”

The answers: Maybe. We can do it. Is there ever a good time? Things aren’t really going to “settle down” from here on out with three kiddos for at least the next 15 years, so we’re just going to move forward.

I took another look at the definition of glutton. It means a person with a remarkably great desire or capacity for something. I say those can be positives and we have both.

And here’s the cool thing – we HAVE to rely on God’s provision in all this. I’m asking for a lot and I’m expecting a lot in return.

1. Our baby to arrive gorgeous and healthy.

2. Us to be able to list our home, have an open house, and get all of the offers in we want to deal with in one weekend.

3. Us to be able to find a new home, in our price range, in the area of town we want, with a knowing that it is OUR family home.

I know Nate and I can’t make all that happen. So while it is a LOT and while it is a little out of our hands, I’m thankful to be in a position where I am forced to trust in God’s provision of the details.

As they say, love is in the details. Let’s raise a glass to that!

Side note – have I told you how much I’m looking forward to sharing a beer with this man after babes comes? I don’t even really like beer, but it sounds refreshing right now!

As always, we’ll keep you posted on the status of babes and house! Throw your wise and wonderful comeback to rude comments in the pot in the meantime. Right now my options are to stand staring back with a gaping mouth or release Josiah like a guard monkey for our family. He’s got a pretty gnarly headbutt these days!

1 thought on “Gluttons for Punishment

  1. Hmm, I like the gaping mouth idea and releasing Josiah ;). Good luck with the upcoming changes and I can’t wait to hear about your new little one’s arrival!


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