Thirty and Thriving

Deena Carter’s Strawberry Wine has been on the screen-saver of my mind lately; singing to me with her soft vocals, “Well I still remember, when thirty was old…”

Here I am. I have arrived at 30! I’ve been waiting for something significant or inspirational to stew in my mind to post about this milestone birthday, but nothing is gurgling to the top. So I’m just gonna let it fly…

The twenties were good to me. The best really. It is going to be a little sad to see them go. There was just so much life and change and self-awareness that happened during those ten years. Learning about myself. Accepting my freckles, my competitiveness, my need for people. Then taking the next step and daring to even like my freckles, my competitiveness, my need for people – among other things. Being changed through Nate’s love for me and vice-versa. Living in a third world country. Taking adventures that stretched and strengthened me physically and mentally. Becoming a mama for the first time. Becoming a mama again. Being more self-assured. My 20’s were big.

I’m not sure what this next decade is going to unveil, but I’m looking forward to the journey. I know that I’m going to be a little less concerned about whether or not my mascara is waterproof and a little more willing to swim in the pool or ocean – dry hair be damned.

Earlier this week Nate and I took three days and ran away together to a cute little Moroccan style resort in the desert. Together we thoroughly relished time to just read by the pool, eat a meal sitting down without getting up once, and waking up when our bodies were ready without a child silently staring at us two inches from our face.

One of my greatest joys is getting to have adventures with my husband. Always has been and I’m gonna place a strong bet that it always will be. We’re both looking forward to our thirties and all the life and change that is going to take place. I’m so thankful the adventures have only just begun in our story together.

And for those of you who need a belly shot, here you go. Yes, we have three weeks left and I look ready. And yes I did wear a bikini around the pool and took all the wide-eyed looks and comments in with the grace and non-chalance of a thirty year old!

Cheers to freckles! Cheers to adventures! Cheers to thirty!

1 thought on “Thirty and Thriving

  1. Happy 30th, Jenny!! I read this last week on my phone, but it’s always a mess trying to type comments on the phone. Anyway, ever since I read it, Strawberry Wine has been playing through my head :). Actually makes me ache a little for that time, but so excited for what’s ahead and you made me even more so. Loved reading your reflection!


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