Disneyland Celebration!

Oh, my children! How every penny of our Disney tickets were worth seeing your eyes shimmer with an extra flare of amazement and wonder! Or maybe it was worth the two days of not managing grumpiness about who stole who’s couch space or who poured water on who’s painting in an act of sibling sabotage. Maybe it was worth it for the much needed family time to focus on just being together. I’m pretty sure it was a combination of all the above.

Proof that you begin your family by taking self-portraits or solo pics on your honeymoon with your spouse and then as you grow you are still taking awkward self-portraits on vacation, but now there are just more faces to get in the frame.

Your heart, Josiah…it’s been special from the beginning. You are simultaneously so wildly active and playful along with being incredibly tender-hearted. There is no contest that the carousel was your favorite and the most magical feeling to you. You loved the feeling of freedom on those horsies and the excitement of seeing all the people with you and the music filling the air and your spirit. Thank you for such fun memories of you, a few days into being two years old and so bursting through the brim with life.

King Arthur’s Carousel in Fantasyland. This boy rode it as many times as we would let him, and even stayed awake until almost 10pm repeatedly riding his “horsies” long after Sister had curled up and called it a night in the stroller.

Here you are, Sister. At Snow White’s Wishing Well, arguably your most treasured spot in the whole park. The shows and parades and rides? They’re flashy. Meeting the characters? Lots of fun. But here? It was here in a quiet little nook of the castle that your Disney love-tank was filled and your Daddy and I think that speaks so strongly about how you are made. And it’s awesome. I am so mesmerized and seduced by bigger and louder. You? You come alive in the small, intimate moments of life. The ones that get overlooked or labeled insignificant by the rest of us. That is a gift, my dear, and we love that about you.

Snow White’s Wishing Well. A lesser-known trail.

Or maybe it was worth the trip just to see the way you, Josiah, were absolutely enamored with Minnie. Apparently that’s the face I need to be on the look-out for to discover who your first crush is, who you are digging on, who I’m going to have to share your affection with.

Minnie Mouse – thanks for taking the time to make every child feel seen & special.

Hits & Highlights of CA Adventure & Disneyland:

* Disney Jr. Live

* The Aladdin Show

* Jumping fountains in a Bug’s Life Land

* Meeting Minnie Mouse & Rapunzel

* Fantasyland’s Carousel, Tea Cups, & Peter Pan Ride

* One late evening chocolate icecream waffle cup; four spoons

* Looping around on the Disney train

The “Oops”, Wish We Would Have Known…

* Pinocchio is NOT a ride for children, along with Winnie the Pooh

* Fast-passes do not in fact expire or require you to be back within an exact window of time

* The cheap and tasty Mexican food is on the back side of the Mexican restaurant in Downtown Disney

* To just skip the nap the kids didn’t rest for anyway and enjoy family time at the hotel pool instead


We did it! Two days of Disney with two littles and one in my belly and we even spent most of the time not looking like this – or feeling like it on the inside either!

Thanks for being the best kids in the whole park. Happy fourth! Happy second! We can’t wait to do it again with you!


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