Projects Part 2: DIY Mama Things

I’ve said it before. I take in old pieces of furniture the way other people take in rescue dogs. I see a battered and scarred little unit of wood and I know it needs a home. A home and a new future.

Recreating something old into something new is such an energizing process for me. I love it. It’s the ability to look at something that’s presenting a little funky and seeing past the funk to the potential. Sometimes this gets me in trouble because I’m always living in the possibilities instead of being okay with the face-value present. That can come across as ungrateful for what is in my hand now. But mostly I see this as a mini super-power and a gift. And it’s just bonus that I get so much personal satisfaction out of project-ing something old into something new again. Here’s what I got to do this past week.

Project #1: DIY Yellow Nightstand

Step 1: Wash furniture piece.

Last week I picked this little nightstand up from the 1960’s from a kind older couple for four Washingtons. Deal!

Step 2: Unscrew hardware from drawers. Remove Drawers. Spray-paint main furniture body and drawers with primer.

Step 3: Spray-paint drawers and main body with two layers in a glossy yellow. Let dry. Rescrew hardware into drawers. Place in a cozy little corner of the bedroom! Special shout out to my friend, Lacey, who let me take her yellow spray-paint home to use!

Project #2: Hanging Vases

I share a little wall space in the office of the children’s director for our church where I work as the early childhood coordinator. It’s a bright green wall. Think neon. Think special effects backdrop and you’ll be on the right track. It’s been living empty and needed a little love so the kids and I went to our local salvation army in search of inspiration in the form of cheap mix-matched glass bottles. We walked away with a bounty of hob-nobbed decanters, chunky glass jars, mini salt and pepper shakers, and olive oil  holders for just a few dollars. Add in a bamboo stick from the dollar tree, some decor froo-froo on sale at Jo-anne’s and some twine. Ta-Da! You have a pretty line of hanging vases.

Hanging Vases. Since it’s at the office and I’m only in once a week it has artificial froo-froo in the vases. If this were in my home it would as well, but get real flower upgrades to match parties and special occasions.

I made a handful of mini tissue paper pom-poms in white and tied them onto a string of twin that got swooped under the vases to break up a little more blank wall space with something soft. Thank you Mama Martha tutorial.

And here’s where I say thank-you to the Hubby for always welcoming the stray, straggly bit of furniture I bring home. For never having an eye-roll or sideways glance at a precarious tower of thrift-store treasures stacked on the table and for forever finding room for odds and ends and mini paint can samples in the garage. Thanks for supporting my habits and recognizing my need to make a mess and create something.

I hope you find a garage sale wonder and time to recreate something soon too!

1 thought on “Projects Part 2: DIY Mama Things

  1. Love all your projects: Fabulous dresser! Awesome hanging vases! And I need to figure out how to do those pom poms! Makes me antsy to get started on some projects of my own 🙂
    P.S. I want to see more of YOUR house 🙂

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