Half Way There and a Gender Reveal Update

We are 21 weeks preggo and excited to claim being half way there! Yes, we had our mid-way ultrasound and found out this baby is going to be a…..healthy baby! That’s right. The gender is a surprise, even to us. I’ve always wanted that moment when the dr. exclaims the gender reveal only moments before putting a soft, warm little newborn on your chest. And after all the fetal heart-issue fiascos we dealt with during our pregnancy with Josiah, we will take the news that this little one is shaping up a-okay. 

Josiah doesn’t quite understand why mama’s belly is getting bigger. When I put his hand on my tummy and tell him there’s a baby in there, he just pulls my shirt up and says, “no”.

But this little girl has a decided opinion that the baby should be a little sister. (Although she might be disappointed because I’m guessing boy.) There have already been name suggestions from Big Sis, including Aurora (one of her favorite babies we know and a princess, of course) and Selah Number Two.

Josiah’s a little bit of a mama’s boy. Aren’t all toddler guys? He’s in for a bit of a ride when new baby comes and someone else is in his cuddle zone. As for Selah Grace, apparently she just needs more little sibling band members to join her Kiss cover band.

Third pregnancy there’s little time to remember to take belly-bump shots. Forget about day-drifting off into the wondrous miracle of forming life, like you have the luxury of doing in first baby pregnancies. We’ll shoot for posting a bump shot around 30 weeks and then another near our due date in mid September.

Do you know all the old wives tales and tricks? Whaddya think? Boy or girl?

– “Pointy” baby bump.

– Craving red meat and HOT spicy food.

– Still feeling out-of-my-head sick when not on my medicine.

– Feeling little legs doing lots of kicking around in there.


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