Rockin’ It

I’ve been rockin’ it lately; our family moving to a nice little groove. Or so I thought when we bought birthday presents for little friends over a week early, when the carpet tiles in the playroom spent three back-to-back days free of lego landmines, and when watching my kiddos dance and chant rounds of, “Go Daddy, GO!” to Nate during his soccer games. Rocking! It!

But of course that pendulum swung back to it’s more comfortable side. The side where days are measured by policing play-times and counting out sharing turns and forgetting hats and water bottles and prized stickers in shops around town like little bread-crumb trails of our errand adventures.

1. As I was unloading my kids for said birthday party and congratulating myself for only being 15 minutes late, my heart sank a little lower as each child holding a goody bag filed out the front door. We were two hours late and missed the whole thing. Woops. The host family was very gracious and let us hang around for a while anyway playing in the bounce house and with newly opened toys.

2. Cue the Britney music because oops I did it again…Josiah got me laughing so hard in the parking lot on Friday after family dinner that it happened again. I started guffawing and things started trickling and I just couldn’t stop it. Nate drove home while I begged him not to get in a car wreck while I was wearing a picnic blanket like a wrap skirt.

If you want to expand your patience threshold, come along on a shopping trip with us. This is how my kiddos share a cart.

3. I called in for a prescription refill before being stranded without it, only to discover that I had missed my prenatal appointment. Further proof that if it doesn’t get on the master calendar, on paper, at my fingertips, it may as well not exist for me. For all the beautiful advancements in technology, there’s just something about a good faux-leather bound calendar and thin-tipped pencil my brain prefers.

I used to judge other moms for the way they let their children ride willy-nilly in shopping carts. And then I had Josiah and all the rules changed.

Things are a little up in the air and not every rope holding up this Leboffe family circus tent is tethered and hammered into place. But such is life, no? The perfectionist in me, the controlling mini-dictator inside wants all those tethers to be in their place. To not be amiss. To hold taut. But it’s terrifying and impossible to live that way. So please continue to offer us your graciousness and kindness as we show up late to things or need to reschedule altogether or don’t have the best homemade bows on our gifts to you.

Here’s to rockin’ it in your own way this Wednesday.

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