Simplicity and Stillness

Yesterday and today I’ve been a little laid out with my preggo sidekick, Nausea. The good news is I have a happy little magic-pill that helps me not have to wear a toilet for a necklace around my face all day. The bad news is that it leaves wicked side-effects of headaches. BIG headaches.

But a three year old still needs mama time, headache or not. So yesterday I asked Selah Grace to choose something to play with me and bring it to the couch. There was no big production or prep on my part. She chose to bring five pipe cleaners. Really? I thought. That is going to be fun for us? All I did was snuggle her in beside me on the cushions and we twisted and re-twisted those five pipe-cleaners into wands and numbers and imaginary pets and I was reminded of how simple it can all be. Do you know what? It was my favorite quality time with her this whole week!

Today I rested on the couch and got to be the perfect patient while Selah Grace played “Doctor”. She had a blast. She was getting mommy attention. I was resting. These were lovely moments and it was a good reminder to enjoy the simple things of motherhood.

It’s easier for me to really see her when I am still; when my body, mind, and soul are at rest. While twisting pipe-cleaners and getting imaginary shots in my foot, I am able to watch her little mind work and see the way the wispy hairs around her face are lit golden in the sunlight. I am able to thank God for how incredible and incredibly gorgeous she is!

Seeing it all while laying on the couch with a refreshing Cherry Coke in my hand doesn’t hurt. The only thing better in the moment would be a minty & limey mojito, but we’re saving that for September celebrations!

If you have a toddler or preschooler and have zero energy today, try some pipe cleaners and couch cuddles. It just might work for you too.

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