Dress-Up Closet

Here’s my latest project! It took a lot of scouring Craigslist. Sending Hubby to pick up an old tv stand that turned out to be about 5ft longer than promised. Buying then immediately reselling a desk hutch that was too short. Being asked by an antiques saleswoman if I needed any help in a tone that really implied, “Get your children OUT of my store!” Being promised a dresser and burned by more than one CL seller. And finally finding this little hutch left-over from the late 80’s where the stencil design on the door should have stayed.

The fun part only took a “quick” girl trip to Home Depot for paint with a pit-stop for a prescription refill and some ice cream and then two nap session to do the work!

During one naptime I removed the door from the hutch and painted it a pretty robin’s egg blue. I also duct taped some thick double-sided wrapping paper to the interior of the newly opened space. Contact paper would have been easier, but our local selection of contact paper was really ugly and hey, the wrapping paper was free and in the closet! To secure the edges and hopefully make it a little more durable and waterproof I sealed it with some good ‘ole modge podge. That’s right. I said modge podge.

For those of you who don’t know I’m slightly obsessed with the artsy glass and ceramic knobs at Anthro and World Market right now. BUT, since this was a low-budge project I commissioned my favorite little artist to repaint the knobs in a nod to Anthro.

During today’s naptime I added the knobs, the rod, and organized all our dress-up play clothes into our new dress-up closet! (Just need Nate to lift the corners up for me so I can do a little paint touch-up around the bottom.)

And there she stands in the corner of the playroom!

Our finished product! Not too bad for a $25 armoire, a little paint, and two naptimes!

The best part? It’s already being put to it’s purpose!

5 thoughts on “Dress-Up Closet

    • Thanks Lindsay! Truthfully, I actually preferred the black and white design side of the wrapping paper we used, but Selah Grace was adamant about using the red side. Now that it’s done, I think she was right!


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