It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Easter!

We are in Easter celebration around our house. I’m always searching for ways to help our almost 4yr old and almost 2yr old understand the meaning behind what we celebrate about Jesus. How do you unnpack the mysteries of the resurrection to a 3yr old? Which projects and crafts and children’s books of course.

I found these little wooden dolls that come in this cool little box thanks to oriental trading co. I read The Very First Easter a number of times to Selah Grace using the little people as illustration. Then she acted out the people while I read the story. Finally we graduated to just having the book and the people on the shelf for her to reach and she can retell the story to herself by looking at the illustrations and act out the people. It’s been a great quiet time activity this week!

The Easter baskets have been living in easy access at the base of the playroom bookcase filled with eggs, springtime stuffed animal babies, bunny ear headbands, and Easter books galore.

And because Selah Grace has quiet resting time in the afternoons, but rarely sleeps we do a lot of craft projects together while Josiah naps away in his crib out of reach for destruction. We made the paper & feather chick, a felt daffodil, and the empty tomb scene together.

Yesterday I had a big idea and enlisted both kids to help me turn our fireplace into the burial tomb where they laid Jesus after his death. I cut paper grocery bags open and let the kids color them. Then we all had a great time smashing and balling them up to look more like stones. Tomorrow we will roll away our stone “door” (cardboard duct taped together) and discover that Jesus is not still there because he is ALIVE!

And of course there have been many egg hunting parties in the flower beds already and lots and lots of sidewalk chalk art. Because if it involves dirt and sidewalk chalk, it is a kid approved activity!

Those are some of the ways we’ve been learning about Easter in our home. Preschool crafts and hands-on projects. Books and story re-telling. Chalk and fun.

In the words of Selah Grace, “Whew! There’s a lot I don’t know about Jesus. I’ve got a lot to learn.”

Don’t we all, baby. Don’t. We. All!


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