“Just Me & The Kids” Kind of Month

People are what keep me going. Connection. Community. Spontaneous meet-ups with friends. For the past month, for some reason or another, I’ve been finding my days being “just me” and the kids. While it’s true that I feel disconnected from my life lines and slightly disoriented when my witticisms are returned with vacant stares from strangers, I’m trying to   really experience being with my two kids. To go on outings and see them. Even if that outing is just playing in the flower beds in the front yard.

Gardening is one of those things I wish I could do well…but I just can’t. So we went to a local low-water plant nursery to pick up another lavender plant for our front yard. Lavender seems to be the only plant strong enough to survive my gardening skills. Although, I like to blame our soil.

I’m trying to take steps back lately. To let them play together without me there to orchestrate things. To watch them like a National Geographic episode; blending into the background so they won’t even realize I’m photographing them and having my heart filled with gratitude as I watch them communicate and love as brother and sister.

Playing on the bridge at the nursery.

Enjoying a sunny day at Mission Bay Park.

Wearing bike helmets in the bushes just because it’s awesome.

And dandelion weeds. One of the best parts of a childhood in springtime.

Do you remember the joy and wonder you felt as a child blowing each little segment off a dandelion weed?

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