The Many Expressions of Josiah-Adventure-Benjamin-Leboffe

Twenty months and our son is still refusing to give our prompts anything more than an occasional slap of the knee to sign “puppy” or an excited shout of “beep beep” for any car, train, or plane he sees. But truthfully he doesn’t need the baby signs or words to communicate what he is thinking/feeling/desiring. It is painted on his face. Bold. In techni-color. Like his dad, Josiah is a man of few words. Like me, his mama, he can’t mask his feelings.  Although he doesn’t feel a need for language, we understand everything he expresses.

Serious-Concentration: (Putting pom-poms through small holes in the empty yogurt container.)

Contented-Although-Slightly-Bored: (His book choice, p.s.)

Mildly-Frustrated-with-a-Dash-of-Ticked: (He wants to hoist himself onto the train table, but can’t quite do it…)

…because he wants to do THIS!

Pretty literally throwing caution to the wind here. Adventure is not just Josiah’s companion, it is his reason to breathe.

Speaking of breathing, can you tell Josiah is sick with stridor and a slight fever right here? (Stridor is kind of like croup and comes with some crazy-scary sounding coughing, wheezing, and chest retractions.) Truly this kiddo does not feel great, but what’s a little stridor compared to gym rings in the playroom? This face is nothing but pure joy!

For a bonus, here are some other faces I love!

Selah Grace was feeling “cuddlish” as she likes to say and asked me to take a picture of her with her Daddy. No problem!

As you can see in the pic below, Selah is a little more cautious than brother when it comes to new experiences. She’ll test the metaphorical waters in her own methodical ways, thank you very much.

Tip-toe-ing to the boundary then running back to us. We’ll be her safe place because it means we get this: the “cuddlish”.

And we’ll take it because this little man of ours is going to keep our trips to urgent care frequent. Attention to the fat lip. 

Are we out of our minds hanging gymnastic rings from the rafters? Yes. And it’s awesome!

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