Quick Recap

Here’s a quick recap of our Christmas vacation!

1. We flew to Colorado to visit my dad, stepmom, and little half-sis. Josiah was a maniac and was delighted the ice and snow added an extra element of fun/potential doom. Selah Grace went through her first full day childcare situation in the form of ski school.

BK, Skye, and Selah iceskating

All Josiah wanted was to be pushed as fast as possible!

2. We came home to warm weather and enjoyed a sleepover on Christmas Eve with Auntie and Unkie which boasted a most-of-the-nighter video game-athon and staying up too late wrapping and assembling presents.

There is a limited-time offer on being able to put vitamins and socks in her stocking and get a genuine, "Just what I always wanted," in response!

3. Since then we’ve been taking turns being sick and being well and started a room redesign to turn the “yellow room” into a playroom. Full transformation pictures to come once it’s done.

Phase 1 of Project Playroom: Painting. Thanks Lisa for the late-night help.


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