Busy Bags!

Remember the days when your parents would give you a paperclip and expect you to entertain yourself for hours? Or, if you were really lucky you might score a pocket calculator to keep you busy during church or a long car ride? Those days are over friends. And while I worry slightly over the lost art of imagination and creative thinking in this generation of kids and what it means for all our futures, I more imminently want to avoid a long plane ride with bored children. Plus, they’re still really little so I’ll give ’em a break!

Our family is flying to Colorado next week and I’m pretty sure a paperclip won’t cut it with my kiddos. Instead I made a few busy bags to make surprise appearances at strategic times throughout our trip. There are a few homemade wonders crafted from bits and pieces in our closet; the best characteristic is their pricetag (free). Then, there are a few that went straight from the shelf to my red Target cart to our busy bags, because we’re not trying to win any Amish awards here.

Picture Puzzles – Used Double-Sided Tape to adhere sections of pictures onto jumbo craft sticks.

Color Identification Game – Cut out shapes from old paint chips we had and taped together corresponding clothespins.

I-Spy Cards

Moon Dough & Seasonal Cookie Cutters

If there is time and a good pair of scissors in this house then I’ll make the kids each a felt christmas tree and felt ornaments to “decorate” their trees with.

Even with all the activities, we all know it’s really going to come down to what kind of snacks we have and if there are enough of them to last the whole way!

And in case of the worst meltdown scenario possible we also have a few of these to pass out to nearby passengers because most of us can be one over with a well-timed goodie bag! They say, “Sometimes flying with kids can be sticky. Thanks for understanding.” Wish us luck!


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