Happy 30th Birthday to Nathan Thomas Leboffe!

Nate has entered the 30’s club where one officially, officially becomes an adult. They say that at 18, but you’re really just a kid who can’t drink. They say it again at 21, but you don’t have any part of life figured out then and are most likely still on your parents’ insurance. But 30? That’s the real deal. You are officially cemented into adulthood.

Friday we celebrated with a little party enjoying all of Nate’s favorites from the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. Each decade was represented at his party with a game: lego pictionary for the 80’s, eating contest of Nate’s famous high school lunch for the 90’s, and a timed workout circuit for the 00’s.

The theme? A celebration of Nate, of course! Guests dressed up in outfits commemorating various aspects of Nate’s life and personality. We had “nerdy” math shirts, athletic gear, skater stuff, letterman jackets, & vibrant 80’s & 90’s. The winner goes to the Thomas’ for mocking when Nate got hit by a car on his bicycle earlier this year. Nothing like friends to help laugh off potentially disastrous moments.

Ninja Turtle party balloons anyone? It was helpful that Nate has all his original Ninja turtles, legos, and micro machines from childhood; instant party decorations and activities. He also found and set up his Super Nintendo. This was a low-key party, but if throwing parties could be a love language then that’s mine. Thank you to our community group friends and family who filled our home with love!

Saturday was his birthday surprise! It started with disc golf in the morning with his brother, then go-touring around town with me in the afternoon. Yes, we rode around in this silly little go-cart and had a blast. Then, thanks to Nate’s fearless brother who spent the night with the kids, we had a mini staycation at a hotel in town. San Diego is probably in the top 10 cities in the US to be able to live and staycation in!

We had a wonderful time celebrating life this weekend and are so excited to see what this next decade holds!



3 thoughts on “1981

  1. You two continue to inspire me with your love, fidelity, and passion for each other and for life. Proud to be both Mom and MIL!

  2. Love the new Christmas pic! How did you let Josiah get all tangled up in the lights and suspended upside down like magic? Tell now! You have little mischievous little elves who did this to your son? No! Your son IS a mischievous little elf. Definitely a circus baby! Love it!


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