Waiting to be Ready

Days go by so similarly to the one previous to it that it is hard to notice that time is passing, hard to gain the broader perspective to see what is shifting. Then suddenly, a year has passed and we are left trying to truly make the best out of the last. Truthfully the Christmas tree is up, but the rest of the Christmas decorations are stacked in the corner of the family room… waiting. I’m just not ready yet this year. I’m not ready to put up Christmas decorations. I’m not ready to cut Josiah’s baby curls. Not ready for us to enter into another year. Advent is a season to prepare for the birth of Jesus. Maybe this year, for me, part of that preparing means having space for it to be okay to acknowledge that I’m not ready yet; that I want a little more time to hold onto this year. Last year was hard and we couldn’t wait to shelve it. I’m grateful for this feeling of wanting to soak in this space of family wholeness a while. So although all the lights aren’t twinkling yet and the nativity scene is wrapped in newspaper, us Leboffes are celebrating the season by taking time to cuddle and play and bake special treats, by remembering a full year of changes for the better and gratitude for them.

Josiah is our circus baby. We are looking forward to putting him in a toddler rock-climbing class next year. This little man needs a challening physical activity!

Thanksgiving at the San Diego Zoo! Wonderful tradition with no cooking involved!

The wonders of licking the mixer!

We tried out some smore rolls this past week. Crescent rolls with marshmallows and chocolate chips inside. So yummy and easy to make with the kiddos!

Three generations of Leboffe men. Love that playful face on Josiah!

2 thoughts on “Waiting to be Ready

  1. Advent is all about waiting. You and Nate are such fabulous parents. Beautiful pictures full of love & joy.

  2. I hear you on the decorating & possible reasons for delay. Just can’t muster it quite yet. The tree’s up with lights on, ornaments coming tomorrow, but just wanting to stay in the now.


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