Sometimes You’re the Mama…and Sometimes You’re the Entertainment Director

Five days is a long time to ask of a three year old to stay home and not go anywhere. Five days is a long time to ask of a toddler to stay home and not go anywhere. Five days is an impossible eternity to ask of a mom!

Cruise ship directors have nothing on me! Any old entertainment will do for the sloppy-happy passengers on a five day cruise. Housebound kids are a much tougher audience. Selah was sleepy sick for four days and by the fifth, recovering; enter bored and whiny! Josiah is just a mover and a shaker and was done with our staying home business; enter bored and extra whiny!

Enter Mama. Enter Super Mama Cape. Enter Bag-of-Ticks, or, as I like to call it, Easy-Ideas-I-Borrowed-Off-Of-Pinterest.

Josiah spent hours at his little table “beading” O’s onto a spaghetti stick and then sliding them off one-by-one into his mouth. I congratulated his fine-motor skills.

Selah Grace enjoyed making colorful creations with the pipe cleaners and colander from her sick bed.

I hit unexpected jackpot with this paint exercise. I gave each of the kids ziplocks with two primary colors in each. Selah Grace had a magical time discovering what color her baggies made. Plus it was a nice intro to the color wheel.

And Josiah discovered some new fun things on his own. Like taking his toys into the desk drawer with him and playing in there. Strange to me, but if it keeps him self-occupied then I say, “Drawer it up!”

This week is a good reminder that we can never live somewhere that has a winter season. Thank you to San Diego for amazing year-round weather. We hope to be playing outside in your stunning atmosphere soon!


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