Sick Days


I watched a modeling show tonight because I needed to counterbalance my day with just a dash of glamor, an ounce of humor, and a whole lot of I-can’t-believe-these-people-are-for-real that is reality tv.

 A feverish Selah Grace cuddling Mr. Elephant to feel better.

Warning, this paragraph is about to get real personal, real quick. So skip ahead if you need to. Mental snapshot into my day. Pepto-Mom in the bathroom with the trashcan.  I found myself on the potty taking care of a little “stomach trouble” when my three year old came barging in. Nothing new. Sitting down on her potty chair to “tinkle” she locked wide, scared eyes at me and made a deep retching sound. This might be the only instance in history I have thanked God for our small bathroom floor plan, because I was able to grab the trashcan and whisk it over in front of her face just in the knick of time to catch all spewing, meanwhile not leaning too far off the commode to do any “spewing” myself. They say parenting is a balancing act. This time it was pretty literal.

And speaking of balancing act. Josiah has discovered a joy of climbing. Unfortunately he has also discovered a joy of jumping and those two passions are not going to end well for him soon.

But this photo might be my favorite for the month. Daddy and daughter on the skyfari ride at the zoo. So much excitement and pride on her face, cuddled right into the calmness that I love about Nate.

Hopefully we’ll get her smiling like that again soon. Until then, Josiah will be DJ-ing what he believes is a non-stop house party with all you can drink juice, Pedialyte pops, and non-stop movies. 


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