An Unexpected Adventure

Spontaneity doesn’t wait for “but I’m not wearing makeup today” and doesn’t care that “I haven’t washed my hair in ? many days”. Both excuses came spilling out of my mouth over the phone this afternoon when Nate called to ask if I wanted to meet him at an ocean-front park with the kids for a a picnic dinner. An opportunity to ditch cooking dinner and play by the water instead? I’m in. We were in the car in record time – I threw on some mascara, Selah Grace added some dress-up bin heels to the jammies she didn’t quite change out of today, and Josiah armed himself with a paci and a sippy of milk to go.

Spontaneity is a life-force for me. The adrenaline and excitement of doing something unplanned and interactive with the world makes me feel alive. Nate usually enjoys a plan and a routine, so for him to make this invitation for our family was huge. AND to hear the excitement in his voice as he asked because he knew how much it meant to me…well, I was practically cartwheeling.

And then we were reminded why being spontaneous is altogether difficult with two small children. The short and long of it is we picked up Daddy, stopped to grab our dinner, then got stuck in traffic. Lots of it. We were so close to such a lovely family moment and we all grew a little more silent and disappointed as the traffic grew thicker and the sun set lower. An hour later of brake lights and passing triangles of quesadilla to the backseat, we waved goodbye to that ideal picnic and pulled into our garage. Miss “A Promise Is A Promise” Daughter of ours just about lost it when she realized that the ocean and the park and the picnic were not, in fact, happening.

Nate saved the day with a picnic on the living room floor and a Diego episode. Thanks babe for pulling us out of a rather disappointing evening and recovering us. It wasn’t the special spontaneous memory we were hoping to make, but it weaved it’s way to an unexpected good moment. And really, isn’t that the integrity of a spontaneous adventure?Some other goodies of the week include:

1. Josiah putting raspberries on his thumbs and fingers before eating them.

2. Catching Nate and the kids mid kiss-monster contest during our church’s Halloween carnival.

3. Josiah prepped to tag the doors of our carnival booth. Our marrieds group sponsored a Monster’s Inc themed booth for the kids and rocked it! Our church is really good at creativity and fun.

4. Selah Grace dancing, dancing, dancing.

5. Our 22 hour Daycation! Some generous friends who are for our marriage heard that we wanted some time just to rest and be together, so they gave us their free night at a golf-club resort in the boonies east of San Diego. Thank you!



3 thoughts on “An Unexpected Adventure

  1. You are my Beautiful Leboffes! Thank you for these amazing pictures! All of you simply glow with love and joy!


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