Grandma + Candy = Grandy



This week Grandy has been visiting us. Grandma + Candy = Grandy. Or in Selah’s clarifying words, “Mama’s Mama”. It was a week full of play and work and trips to Target; the stuff our weeks are usually made of! But we had a Grandy with us so a few more treats were had and a few more “fun” things were thrown into that beloved red shopping cart.

It’s kind of ridiculous to think that our “normal” weekly, routine stuff is the list that others travel to our beautiful city to do, plus a few extra local perks: Balboa Park, Coronado storytime and the park beneath the Coronado Bridge, Seaport Village, the New Children’s Museum. It feels good to get out in our city and be part of the breath that makes it beat.

Sweet Thing took her art seriously Saturday morning while gazing on her mirror drawing.

The picture is slightly blurred, but the wide eyes attest to just how amazing Josiah thought having his very own headphone set was at the museum. He couldn’t believe there was a man inside the headphones talking to him!

Lunch time with Grandy! And see those chickie jammies? Selah Grace wore those for about four days in a row this week! And the really behind-the-scenes fun fact is that she also wanted to wear the same panties that many days in a row but we made her wear new ones. Her compromise was to put the old ones on the outside. Double bag it, please.

Morning reading session. Josiah has adopted Caps for Sale as his new favorite book. He shakes his finger in the air and shouts, “tsk, tsk, tsk,” like the monkeys in the book. Then he stomps his feet and pretends to throw his cap off his head. It is quite a sight. He is taking his sweet, long time on talking so it’s a wonderful reminder that he does actually comprehend what’s going on!





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