Pumpkin Family Silhouettes


This weekend Selah and I made some jazzed up pumpkins of the family. Truth be told, I don’t like Halloween decorations so I try to stick with things more on the fall harvest spectrum and not veer toward the ever-so-vogue zombies. This pumpkin project was fairly simple and turned out really cool looking in person.


Step 1: Spraypaint pumpkins. Ours are silver because that’s the color I had on hand in the garage.

Step 2: Print out silhouettes of each family member. Trace onto pumpkin. Paint.

Step 3: Embellish. I have a slight pom-pom ribbon addiction and was thrilled to use it on this project, along with our fun purple wired ribbon, and this fantastic silky black and white stuff that is a solid nod to Beetlejuice.

Doing this project reminded me that I like things done a specific way. BUT I asked my daughter to enter into the creative genius with me on this project. And wouldn’t you know, she has incredibly strong design opinions for a three year old. Her silhouette had to be purple. Although I don’t always love the results of letting her do her own design-thing, I DO love watching her think, and create, and be beamingly proud of something she chose, because at the end of the day her self-image is worth way more than what color was chosen in the craft aisle.

And some other random tid-bits of San Diego weekend fun:

Exploring ways math can be fun at a local museum.

Dancing in her own little world at the park. Josiah just running back and forth.

Mailing cards to little friends. I think she might be in the words of affirmation love boat with her Daddy.

Building a small-scale Parthenon with blocks. Three of us were on board for making something spectacular. But do you see Little Man Mischief in the corner? Yeah, he just wanted to knock it over then go hide the pieces behind that little bench.

Happy weekend and I can’t wait to see what you decide to do to YOUR family pumpkins!






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