Eternal Moments

Our camera broke this month, which is such a shame. There were so many moments I wish I could have clicked eternal: picnic dinner with old friends on the bay, romping Ikea trips with new ones, the reintroduction of cute beanies into our wardrobe, and the wonders of being met with crates of pumpkins at the grocery store, to name a few.

In a last effort to troubleshoot camera failure I found the problem. A battery that was inserted upside down. Details are hard for me sometimes. I love them, but they rage against me. Example B: I locked the kids and myself out of the house Thursday so we took an impromptu walk to the fire station a few blocks away to ask for help.

We’re all exploring limits around here. Josiah is testing how high he can climb and how far he can jump before it switches from fun to pain. His new favorite game is climbing to the highest point he can find and jumping towards someone to catch him. I’m still trying to find that elusive sweet spot on the scale that keeps mommyhood and work and friendships all balanced. Nate is testing the boundaries of time by teaching, working part time for a soccer company, playing for the Flash, and still finding time to be an amazing and amazingly present husband and dad. Selah is trying to figure out how consistently we stick to choices and consequences, while we simultaneously are drawing the lines for what we do and don’t care about. A desire for socks in the bathtub is one tally for the “don’t care about” side of things.

As someone with “quality time” at the top of her love language, it always feels like time is something that has to be battled for. It means leaving a little work undone. Possibly ruffling some feathers by saying, “not now,” when others ask me to do things.

Currently we’re leaning into the quality over quantity and letting the moments sink a little deeper into our hearts; giggly wrestling fests, good music in the car, the whole family singing Josiah to sleep. I know I’ll forget so much of this, but I’m praying that some of these moments will be the ones that stay in our minds decades down the road. Even if there is no picture to remind us because of that blasted battery.


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