Black-Out, Black-Out

Yesterday we had an opportunity to remember that we, in fact, are all connected. Some power line in Arizona had an issue and the next thing we knew all power from parts of LA area to Baja to Yuma went black.

I happened to be in the office for my one work day a week, but found myself with nothing to do. No computer. No xerox machine. Nada. Looking out the building we found ourselves all “trapped” because a city of millions of cars with no working street lights turned all roads into veins of parking lots. Instead we settled into the common room to play the “naked” game or fishbowl if you know it by a more G-rated name. Of course on the charades round I pulled the card someone had written an African brand of condom on; and I’m too competitive not to have my team get the point for guessing it. Thanks for that two seconds of shame, Noel. It was worth the win.

I think it says something about the human spirit that the instant a potential threat occurs, we leave our solitary places and seek out others. Fingers can’t fly to the texting keys fast enough to tweet with the rest of them!

The neighborhood was alive with voices last night while everyone took to their backyards to escape the heat and the darkness inside and to bbq meat for dinner before it went bad in their powerless refrigerators. Neighbors shuffled across lawns that otherwise wouldn’t be crossed in order to share clean drinking water and baby formula. It was the way we should be as neighbors but the way we rarely are.

The unexpected good news is that school was cancelled so Nate got to stay home with us. It has been a definite Daddy/Daughter kind of day. Selah Grace has kept about a 2 ft radius around him all day. Josiah goes back and forth between playing with them and playing with the new awesomeness of the flashlight.

Building forts!Do you notice a common thread in these activities? That’s right, Nate is both playing with the kids, and resting comfortably in each of these scenarios.

No power was inconvenient, but I dare to say we all secretly liked it. We felt adventurous. We felt generous. We felt inventive. We felt connected.


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