We’ll Miss You Summer

The light was perfect this evening. The sunset kept calling my eyes back to admire it. As if summertime knew it owed us a grand finale. One we could keep in our memories and draw upon as we begin a new school year in the morning. 

Josiah’s trying to prove us wrong with all our talk about how there really is a verbal development difference between boys and girls. Today he finally used a few baby signs and more than baby velociraptor screeches to ask for food. But his absolute favorite expression these days is affection…aggressively displayed, but affection non the less. Long gone are the days of number munchers during computer lab on Fridays. Our kids are definitely a generation of tech aficionados. Selah Grace has mastered reading children’s books on my nookcolor as part of her bedtime routine. She in fact found the games feature on it and showed me how to use it. Other advancements of the week include mastery of the mouse to navigate games on pbskids.org and knowing all the steps of being able to print her own cartoon character coloring pages. At this rate I’ll be delegating some of my work responsibilities to her by next week. 
And if you’re ever at a BBQ or a dinner or a playdate with Josiah around, be warned to guard your phones. He can sniff them out of diaper bags and cargo shorts faster than a career pick-pocket.

In less than twelve hours from now our family will be thrown into the mill of a new school routine. Nate will be welcoming his students to a year of algebra while they sit droopy-eyed and shocked into respectful behavior. Selah will be missing her Daddy and I will be missing him even more because he’s the one who takes on early-waking children with Cheerios and Backyardigans. Much needed coffee will be beckoning in press and we will all try to shake ourselves into this new schedule.

Goodbye summer! Here we go!


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