America, America!

The truth is, I love the States.  I love the endless skies of Oklahoma and the way a stranger will literally give you the shirt off their back. I love Colorado, the scent of a million aspens and cedars from thousands of years skipping across my freckles; lungs expanding four times their size to hoard the crisp air. And California? Beach. Need I say more? In love with this place. I haven’t spent much time on the east coast, but I have no doubt that I’d love it there too.

Badminton anyone?

Listening to patriotic music in the square. I love when these two laugh together.

For the most part Americans are friendly. Quick to laugh. Inspired enough to dream big dreams and determined enough to make them happen. Or to at least try.

Let's hit the Oregon Trail!

Enjoying the shade and his nectarine. What a lovely mess he is!

I’ve been eye-witness to three 911-worthy car accidents the past few weeks and have been blown away each time by how rapidly people have stopped and run through traffic to help.

My man and my little man together.

Yep, our country is pretty great.

Leaving Old Town we passed a tour bus with a larger than life Ariel. She got a goodbye kiss.

We experienced San Diego Old Town’s 19th Century 4th of July this year. Period costumes, women spinning yarn on spinning wheels, and exploding anvils with gunpowder. It isn’t an American party until something gets blown up! We had a fantastic family time and the irony of celebrating our country with our ankles literally steeped in the dust and grass of Mexican/American history was not lost on us. The day culminated in a family BBQ with lawn games and a water fight.

Yum, yum!

2 thoughts on “America, America!

  1. If I’m not mistaken, the picture of Nathan and Josiah was the one where Selah had snuck up behind him and shot him with the water gun… fun day!

    • Yes. On the other side of that photo was a 3yr old loaded with a water gun and mischief. Using the waterguns to give the plants a drink didn’t last long did it!


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