Hair Cut; One Bit!

>I finally broke down. I didn’t want to. I REALLY didn’t want to. But there is little more irritating in life than having bangs in your eyes. So, we plunked Josiah down in his highchair and gave him his first hair cut. Just a little bang trim, taking his emo bangs out of his eyes.

Now he can see unimpeded. It’s going to take a while for me to adjust. He doesn’t look like my same baby. Honestly when I look at him with his straight-cut bangs I instantly see two things: 1. a picture of Nate when he was a toddler 2. Lloyd Christmas.
If you think the latter, but find it unkosher to say, it’s okay. You can say it. We think so too.

1 thought on “Hair Cut; One Bit!


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