>Kid Craft: Cuff Tutorial!

>Selah Grace and I have been having fun mixing trendy fashion with a kid-friendly craft these past few weeks making felt cuffs.

Throwing a 4th of July BBQ this year and want the kids to create something fun? Try these!

Step 1: Cut Strip of Felt
Felt strip should be a few inches wide and long enough to wrap around child’s arm. Wrap felt band around child’s arm to measure and cut length. 

Step 2: Make Button Fastener
Cut a small slit 1/2 inch in from one end. Cut a slightly larger slit 1/2 inch in from the other end. These will be your button holes. 

 Take a button, and a small piece of pipe cleaner. 
Thread the pipe cleaner through the button hole, twist the back a few times, leaving a little pipe cleaner untwisted to create a brad effect. 

Treating the button/pipe cleaner combo like a brad, put it through the small slit on the felt cuff and splay on back to secure. 

Step 3: Decorate!
Now for the fun part! We used sticky-backed felt shape cut-outs and glitter glue. Go to town with embellishment! You can use: glitter glue pens, sticky-backed felt shape cut-outs, buttons, foamies, fabric markers, ribbon, pretty much anything in your scrap bins! If you don’t have sticky-backed felt you can just cut shapes out of regular felt and use white glue to adhere them. 
 Selah Grace wanted some pom-pom ribbon on hers so I hot-glued it for her. 
 Happy girl with her party cuff!

This project is really simple, very cheap, and can be modified to fit almost any theme or age. Try making gladiator warrior cuffs or birthday cuffs with numbers for their new age. Older tweens cans layer ribbons, lace, and buttons to create fun fashion cuffs for a more mature look. 

Mamas, try layering together some eyelet lace, lace, and a victorian-looking button for a mama version. Or a man’s tie with simple button for a sophisticated look. More mama cuff tutorials to come. In the meantime, check out this one: victorian cuff . 

Have fun creating! Can’t wait to see them!


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