>Life Is Good Today, Life is Good Today…

>This morning the Zach Brown Band has been singing in my head, “Toes in the water, “toes” in the sand, not a worry in the world, cold beer in my hand, life is good  today, life is good today!”

The bougainvillea on this little whitewashed beach house makes me happy. 

We met some friends down at Mission Beach today; a grubby but wonderful place. Us mamas talked and laughed and lived vicarious dream-land lives by ogling the backyard beach patios along the boardwalk. The toddlers ran barefoot in the sand and grass and learned the importance of not flinging shovels of sand into the wind and staying on the correct side of that yellow line along the boardwalk.

The babies ate rice cakes covered in sand and pretzels covered in sand and a few more straight-up handfuls of sand for good measure.

Baby Kate and Baby Josiah with Baby Hands. 
Stare challenging his sand-soaked pretzel stick. 
Life is good on a Friday morning in May at Mission Bay. 

A single file line of a hundred pelicans kept flying up and down the coast line single file with impressive synchronization. There was even a pod of dolphins playing in the wave break close to shore for us to ooh and aah over.

A little bit of quality time with friends. A little bit of sunshine soaking into my skin and making my face warm with freckles. A little bit of sand on chubby baby toes. These are the little bursts of happy to my everydayness.

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