>Circus Baby

>We aren’t too into generalizations around here, but the phrase “All BOY!” is finding it’s way out of my mouth a lot lately. Josiah spent about two weeks crawling then started walking at nine months. Walking is old news and he’s in a rush to find more adventurous mobility. Wobbly walks have been traded in for full-on running, dancing, scaling furniture, and dangling from tables mid air by the shear strength of his baby biceps.

Granted, we’re pretty relaxed about letting our kiddos roam our house. They’re free range. But I don’t expect to find this…

Standing ON his Baby Einstein Jumper

 or this…

Racing back and forth across the couch. Yes, he stacks pillows to get a boost up. 

 or this…

Joining sister on her bed to play. 

 or this…

Standing up on the seat of his trike. 

I think next week we’ll enter him into the circus!

1 thought on “>Circus Baby

  1. >Remember he's always been an overachiever! And Athletic amazing Daddy & also athletic amazing Mommy=Josiah perfecting his new control of his world / body! Love that boy big!!!


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