>Back to the Land of the Technologically Active!

>Living without a computer feels a little what I would imagine walking without a big toe feels like; awkward and unbalanced.

Thanks to a husband who itemizes our tax return in such detail that we owe $0, thanks to a generous tax return, and thanks to Apple’s teacher discounts we now have a beautiful snazzy new computer!

So, let’s get the highlights from the past few weeks!

1. Pityriasis Rosea – AKA a GNARLY skin infection most common in the geriatric world that our baby boy contracted. Resulting in rushed trips to urgent care, a leprous looking rash, and a swollen face. Besides being a little itchy Josiah wasn’t fazed at ALL and with a little benadryl and steroids he morphed back into that beautiful face we know.

2. The Bike Accident – Nate got hit by a car riding his bike to work two week ago. The car was turning left out of a cross street without looking and Nate couldn’t brake in time to miss the car. He hit the front headlight of the SUV and did a Hollywood roll across the hood and onto the ground, back onto his feet like a stunt man. He wasn’t really hurt at all, MIRACULOUSLY! The cops came, gave him a ride home, he changed clothes, hopped in the car, and made it to work on time. Meanwhile the wife (me) was sleeping and didn’t know anything about it until later that day….let’s just say if any more near death experiences happen I will be notified immediately. 

3. Pacifiers Are Not Forever – Selah Grace went cold turkey yesterday off her pacifiers! Yesterday was her 3rd birthday along with Josiah’s 1st (yes, they share a birthday). She picked out a special pink box to put her pacis in and today we “mailed” them to Baby Raelyn Denver, who was born this weekend. (So really we had a goodbye paci ceremony and put the little box in the mail together and I’m just going to retrieve it tonight, but she thinks it’s happening!)

4. Birthdays! – Our kiddos share a May 1st birthday and we threw them their first joint birthday party! It had a POP theme. Yes, I know this is a baby shower theme but it was fun as a birthday theme too. We played in the backyard, enjoyed a little too much sun and way too much sugar and laughed together as we watched our kiddos run and giggle with excitement!

3 thoughts on “>Back to the Land of the Technologically Active!

  1. >So glad you got your long-awaited computer and I can't wait to keep reading your posts. I can't believe you wrote about the mail in #3, though. I'm quite sure she'll read about 😉

  2. >I totally got tricked! The paci gift box was gone today when we got home from errands and the mail was in it's place. I was shocked to think the mailman actually took the unmarked paci box and played along…later Nate told me he took it this morning when he left! Gullible me!


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