>The Hug-N-Roll


 Happy ten months to our little man! In the past month Josiah has accomplished: growing two teeth, expanding his solid food diet, walking, waving, signing daddy, answering questions with smiles and laughter, full-body bouncing to music, and making everyone he meets fall in love with him. Chalk it up to his flirty smile and always-happy personality.

They say to start the way you want to end up. We definitely don’t want Josiah to end up sleeping in our bed for the next five years, but we think it might happen. This is where he likes to be the best. Right on our foam mattress, wedged in between the body pillow and mama. I sub in the pillow for me once I need to get up. Thank you to that old Friend’s episode for teaching me the “Hug-N-Roll”!

“Normal baby. Treat as such.” These are the words Josiah’s cardiologist keeps telling us. And we do…except for this sleeping in our bed thing. I’m shocked that this is happening myself, but we’re just so thankful for Josiah’s vitality. After so much uncertainty about his heart, I’m just so thankful to have a warm, healthy little bundle of baby breath that I don’t care that his comfy spot is in our bed in between my pillows!

We love you Josiah! Happy 10 Months!

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