>Flood’s New Early Childhood Coordinator!


 It’s official. I am Flood Church’s newest employee! My job title is the early childhood coordinator for Flood Kids 0-5yrs and I’ll be working under the direction of the Kids Pastor.
I love when all the circumstances come together in such a seamless, easy way that it is impossible to ignore the God design in it all. Nate and I decided that I should get a part time job on a Sunday last month. The following Sunday I was approached about this one. All of the things in the job description were specifically the areas I am already involved in at our church. All of the responsibilities are things I already have experience in through my past while working at USD during college and the Academy in Malawi. The hours are flexible so that won’t be an additional hardship on our family schedule and best of all it is a job that I want to do. Really, this is the best possible scenario all around. One application, one interview, and one very long week later I heard back that the job is mine! I am so excited for this!
So, why go from SAHM to getting a job? 
Don’t get me wrong, the stay at home mom gig is pretty awesome! However:
1. Our expenses have gone up in the past year and we could use the money. It would be nice to be able to save more and to get to a point where it feels like we control our finances and not the other way around.
2. I like working. (GASP!) Mostly I like working in a job that I know my gifts are being fully used to the benefit of others. Being a stay at home mom is an honor and I value it. I love being here to raise our kiddos, especially in these early years. But I just feel like a part of me has been lying dormant the past few years and I’m ready to tap into this again and to use all of my heart, mind, soul. Working for the church still allows me to be a SAHM and to fulfill this desire.
When things work out so easily sometimes it’s not too good to be true, but just too good to not be God. Here’s to a new adventure in our family!

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