>A Vortex of Energy…

>…lately I’ve been having one: a vortex of energy that is. Not the kind that makes me feel compelled to deep clean the tub or wash the mountain of plastic toddlerware in the sink. Let’s not get crazy.
This is the swirling anticipation that I get inside my soul just before something new, something big comes. Call it intuition. Call it Holy Spirit. Something is about to happen…

I recognize this feeling. It has overtaken me prior to every big shift in my life. I am equal parts excited and curious. I don’t know what this is prelude to. I have some guesses and some hopes but mostly I’m relieved to shake things up a bit in my boggle-board of life. (Unlike the masses, I enjoy change.)

So here’s to bringing on the winds and letting this vortex of energy do some needed mixing around.


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