>Utility Knife: A Tool for Every Need

“You’re the utility knife.”

We all know not to compare. But…when you’re surrounded by so many seemingly put together people it’s hard not to. Through my eyes most of our friends have a clear understanding of what their very specific ministry is.

By contrast, I’m a dabbler. [dabbler: amateur, dilettante, layman, layperson; trifler, nonprofessional, nonspecialist] There is no one main target of ministry bursting forth from within me like a Care Bear stare beam of light illuminating what it is about to transform. I am involved in a number of things because I value them all and they all interconnect so strongly (marriage, motherhood, children) that I can’t sever the lines of ministry between them.

Everyone else seems so sure about their very specific thing. Shouldn’t I? But I don’t.

It’s good to have a straight-shooter husband. I verbalized my doubts to Nate and he reminded me that my desire and ability to jump into various arenas is not just okay, but needed. “You’re the utility knife,” he said. “People ask you to do lots of different things, because you get them done and can do them well.”

It’s good to be reminded that in the kitchen drawer of life there are tools for very specific purposes like the wine opener or the cheese grater, and then there is the utility knife that does a little bit of everything. I’m okay with that.


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