>Modern Medicine

>I am so thankful for modern medicine. And I’m so thankful for the people who use their God-given intelligence and intuition to use medicinal science. I’m sure that two hundred years ago I would be laying in bed with leaches on my body and an ornate nickel bowl under my wrist to get out the bad blood. Instead I’m being pumped full of fluids and pain relievers. Yes, modern medicine is a good thing.

There is one thing I respond to most at the doctor’s office. Kindness. It sounds so simple, but can easily get overlooked in the name of efficiency. I have greatly appreciated the kindness of the nursing staff and doctors I’ve seen over the past week.

I have burst into tears instead of answers. I have thrust yellow legal pads under their noses when I couldn’t talk. I have been a conundrum of non-rule-following symptoms. I have truly been all over the place physically and emotionally with them. But when they are kind it makes me feel like my illness is legitimate. Like it is fair for me to feel bad. Like somebody is going to move mountains until I am well.

A little kindness goes a long way.

2 thoughts on “>Modern Medicine

  1. >you were NEVER sick when you were little, so you haven't much experience with it afterall! And it makes me FURIOUS when people with power over us DISREGARD our LEGITIMATE EXPERIENCE to the extent that they MAKE MY AMAZING, SENSITIVE daughter cry. the MEANIES!!!! i have a better word that starts with B, but i won't use it because that would make YOU mad. love to you and NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF.

  2. >Mom. I think you misunderstood my post. The nurses didn't make me cry. They were wonderful. I cried b/c they were being so concerned and I felt so bad. Answers didn't come out. Tears did. Everyone's been great to me! You can retract your mama bear claws.


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