>Josiah’s 5 Months Old!

>Happy 5 Month Birthday Josiah!

It’s hard to believe we’re here already. With Selah’s birth it felt like our lives hit the eye of the storm; everything became eerily calm and for a short time life was muffled. With Josiah it doesn’t feel like there was a break from “real life”. There’s been no time-outs and I’m sure the next time I blink I’ll be sitting at his first birthday party wondering how we got there so fast.

Here’s some of the things we love about 5 month old Josiah:
He gives us little baby face massages. When we hold him, Josiah enjoys smearing and squishing his fingers all over our cheeks, chin, lips, and noses. In the mornings, he’s content to play in his crib for a little while as long as he has access to his feet which are his favorite toy! This kid is a snuggler and doesn’t like to be alone in a room. Lately he’s gotten pretty good at getting around by rolling front to back, then back to front and pretty much somersalts the entire breadth of a room. But most of all we love receiving his great big smiles!

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