>What’s to Show For It?

>There is much satisfaction from working hard and in return having something tangible and shiny to show for it. A trophy of sorts to affirm your efforts and say, “job well done”.

When you’re in the business of character and mind development of kids there is usually no way to measure the progress and worth of one day. As a SAHM and a math teacher, Nate and I had the following conversation this evening:

me the SAHM: I just feel frustrated that I’m managing them [our children] all day and working so hard at it and have nothing to show for it but a mess!

Nate the teacher: At least you get loved all day. I’m constantly managing ungrateful teenagers and all I have to show for it is three extra gray hairs.

Parenting. Teaching. These are jobs of endurance and hope. The daily battles for a long-term goal, progress benchmarks so gradual you can’t see them in real-time.

When all we can see at the end of the day are dirty dishes and new gray hairs it’s good to remember that proverbial drops in the ocean were made. We’re in the long-term business of forming people.

1 thought on “>What’s to Show For It?

  1. >You won't see your trophy (s) until they are own their own. By then they may not really understand the profound effect you and Nate had on them, especially the early years you are now in. But if they know home as a loving, safe, godly and growing time, it will show up in their life forever. I don't think you have much to worry about….


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