>Wait! What’s Happening?

I wonder if I’ll ever hit a parenting groove with the kids and get to ride that confidence wave for an impressive distance. Most likely not. It is some scientific law of parenting that as soon as you figure out the patterns and needs of your child, they change.

As Selah Grace is settling into being very TWO and Josiah is rapidly growing from newborn into new baby into baby, I’m constantly racing to catch up with the program and their needs. What do I do to figure it out?
1. I watch my kids. I chart things and look for patterns. I try to pinpoint a theme to what is happening so it can be anticipated and “cut off at the pass”, if you will.
2. I read. Lots. When I don’t know what’s going on with one of them I spend their nap periods in the index of parenting books and blogs and try to find an answer. Even when there isn’t an answer it is helpful just to know that you aren’t the only parent to encounter this seemingly crazy thing. Support in solidarity.
3. I get anxious and uptight and then finally, slowly, I relax. I let it go. I enjoy my kids and their little needs and personalities and stop worrying so much about doing it the “right way”. The benefit of reading so much is realizing there are so many schools of thought about parenting that there isn’t one right way. There’s just the right way for you and your family.

Favorite Baby Book:
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. I love her. It’s a good marriage of the Babywise stuff that is too strict for me (trying to follow BW made me feel like a crazy person) and the Sears stuff that I find too wishy-washy. I like her practical suggestions for firmly organizing your baby’s sleeping and eating in a way that patiently parents them through it. Chat strands on her website are also super helpful too, if only for the moral support of parenting.

Favorite Toddler Book:
Nurture by Nature. This is a book based on the Myers Briggs personality spectrum. I’m 99.999% sure my toddler is an ISFJ (introverted, sensing, feeling, judging). This book gives an insightful look into how personality types expresses itself in kiddos and practical ways to address specific needs for that type. Seriously revolutionized my day-to-day moments with Selah.

Favorite Overall Parenting Book:
Boundaries with Kids.
They should pass this book out at the hospital. Such a freeing book for parents to back away from the crazy instead of engage in it.

I’m taking any suggestions for good parenting resources if you have something you just love!

1 thought on “>Wait! What’s Happening?

  1. >I love Jenny Lynn.Gray hairs and dirty dishes vs. drops in the ocean. All three do add up, haha.I love that you know your girl. Seems your mix of intuition/insight and reading research and trying things out works. I love how you let Selah have choices. Too true, there's not much you get to be in charge of at that age. You're very sensitive to her needs and her personality. She's a lucky girl to have you two for parents.


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